Cheap Photography Hacks to Save Money

Cheap Photography Hacks to Save Money

Are you a photography geek with not enough money on hand to invest in all that high-end gear they have in the studios?

Or are you one of those DIY lovers, who think buying something readymade is 100% not acceptable if it can be DIY-ed at home?

Either way we’ve got you covered! Here is a compilation of some ridiculously amazing DIY photography hacks that are not only super CHEAP but also extremely EASY!

So let’s get to it!


Waxman Sliders
Waxman Sliders via

If you are looking for a quick fix to get fluid like camera movements while shooting a video, this is the ultimate trick. Just place them under each foot of your tripod and slide away!

Cheap Photography Hacks
via via and

And it only costs $6.17 on Amazon, which doesn’t even call for a comparison with the actual camera dolly price! It’s that cheap.


If you want to use flash, but do not particularly enjoy the harsh light it yields, try these DIY light diffusers for much better results!

Cheap Photography Hacks

Place a business card at 45 degrees angle in front of the flash. Make sure the plain white side is facing the flash. This trick will help direct the light coming from it, toward the ceiling, and will no longer be as hard on the textures.

The best thing about this one? It doesn’t even cost you a dime!


Another effective trick is to use a tissue! All you need to do is wrap a tissue paper around the flash and you can see the kind of difference it creates in the above picture.


Cheap Photography Hacks

This is a great technique to use if you would like to attain a creamy soft look in your photos. It only requires for you to have a sandwich bag, or any other clear plastic bag. Cut the bag in a way so that it is open from both ends. Cover your lens with it, with one side wrapped and secured around the lens while the other side should be left rumpled with a bit of it hanging slack in front of the lens. And you are done!


String Your Camera
String your Camera – via

Don’t own a tripod or unable to use it at the moment? Here is rather a clever trick to minimize the shake of your hands.

Insert a rope or string through the strap rings on the camera, adjust it according to the height you want then firmly set the two ends beneath each of your feet. You will notice a big difference when you hold it now.


Cheap Photography Hacks

Reflector kits are usually very expensive. One of the companies on Amazon has it for $99.90! But here is a better idea to own it – DIY! Things you will need for this project are:

1)A big piece of card board

2) Some foil to cover it (Silver or Gold)

And your tremendously cheap, yet successful reflector is ready!


This photo was shot using the same reflector as shown in the above collage. Quite an outcome!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could take some photos of a beautiful landscape in the middle of a downpour and not worry about your camera getting drenched? Well now you can do it without spending a whole lot of money on a rain cover for the camera! This guy,  Jeff Meyer on has come up with a fool proof solution that you are going to love.

Camera Wears a Raincoat via
Camera Wears a Raincoat via

First, you carefully slip your camera into a plastic bag, cut the front in the size of your lens and repeat the same for the eyepiece. Secure the bag in place with the help of a rubber band over the lens and you are good to go!

Camera Wears a Raincoat
Camera Wears a Raincoat


Colored Lens Filter
Coloured Lens Filter via

Cut some clear plastic sheets in the size of your lens. Using different colored permanent markers make blobs and patterns on them. Bring any one of them (or you can even try with two at a time, if you wish) in front of your lens and click away! This will get you a subtle tinge of color over the photos.


Love a good lens flare? How do you like the sound of a “colored” flare? Well, here is a quick tip to obtain that. Cut a strip of scotch tape, smear some color on it with the help of a marker just like you did in colored lens filter, and cautiously tape it across the center of your lens. Try this trick and you’ll adore it!


DIY Light Box via
DIY Light Box via

No more running around the house in search of a suitable place for your next product photography. This DIY Light Box will save you from all the troubles you have faced till now!

You will need:

A thick box ,white card sheet, cutter and tape, a white t-shirt cloth and a lamp light.

Remove flaps from the box, cut a large sized square on the top and the sides, tape tightly a piece of t-shirt cloth on each square window. Neatly place the card sheet inside, fix it from the top only and let it slide out smoothly. Next, set the lamp light in a way that it shines through the top window.

Now you have your very own light box worth only a few bucks that works great!

DIY Lightbox
DIY Lightbox


Feeling too lazy or short on time to construct a light box, make a reflector and do a Bokeh all at the same time? This technique has got to be the ultimate time saving trick!

Have a look and enjoy.

Lightbox, reflector and Bokeh – All in One (via

All you need for this one is a laptop, notebook with a shiny cover, tracing paper and a lamp! How’s that for saving time and money?


So today we learnt how one can save hundreds of dollars on equipment that can easily be made at home, merely using things from your stationary and stuff you usually have stacked in your kitchen!

Wish you a wonderful time while trying these out!