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18 Personal Photography Projects to Keep You Motivated

Are you finding it hard to take time out for your love of photography while keeping up with your daily chores, work or studies? And you feel like you just need to find something to help you with improving your skills without having to put in much time? Thankfully there are lots of ways to keep you in practice.

A personal photography project is a great means to stay connected to photography no matter what you are doing at any stage of life. Whether you are a beginner struggling to build a stupendous portfolio or you are already a pro photographer looking to break the monotony you seem to have developed in your routine, taking up a project and sticking to it will help you in many ways.

Photography projects are a matter of commitment and dedication. If you truly wish to benefit from this exercise you must be willing to manage the time your preferred task requires. Besides, the following projects that I chose to share with you, are tremendously fun, will keep you interested throughout and are are easily do-able even with our fast paced lives.

Here are the ones I think anyone can manage between their busy routines.

1. Project 365

This project requires for you to take a photo every single day for a whole year. These photos can be of anything. But the main purpose behind it is to keep oneself dedicated and photograph on a regular basis. It may sound very easy but being consistent is something that does not come naturally to most people.

Let me take a photo first! - Photo by © Jill Wellington
Let me take a photo first! – Photo by © Jill Wellington

There may come days when things will get so jumbled up and tough in your life that you might decide upon leaving the task for that day and thus break your consistent journey. And it just happens to be a fact that once you break your tempo with anything it is not easy to get back on track.
Some of you might have worked with your camera just a few days ago whereas many of the people reading this might not be able to even recall the last time. So, this activity has a lot of benefits and not just one. It teaches you how to stay consistent in general, allows you to use your camera everyday and gives you a load of photos that document your improvement within them. By the end of the year when you will skim through these photos you will be able to see rather clearly how much you have improved.

2. 52 Weeks

You must have figured it out from the name that this one is not much different from project 365. In this project you are supposed to take a photo each week of the year instead of each day. Definitely simpler and easier than the above one.

To "reflect" on what you want in your photo - Photo by © Jill Wellington
To “reflect” on what you want in your photo – Photo by © Jill Wellington

If you opt for this, it would leave you with more time to deliberate on things you see around you, different subjects to inspire you and you can prepare to shoot them accordingly beforehand, plus managing time will be a lot easier as well. The choice varies from person to person, but knowing myself and my routine tasks, I would probably go with this one if I had to choose between 365 and this.

3. Project A-Z

Like I mentioned before, the project 365 and 52 weeks, alone does not have a restriction of subject. Your subject can be anything unless you combine that project with another project having a subject limitation. Such as this one.

The A-Z project mainly involves searching for alphabets. It is divided into three versions. One of them is to look out for real letters you may find around you and photograph them in a creative way.

Second asks you to search for any object / scene that looks like it’s making an alphabet and you shoot it.

Third one is the most interesting, I believe. It requires for you to keep your eyes open to capture an action taking place which starts with any letter from the alphabets, and the rule is: NOT to repeat a letter. If you have already taken a photo of an action starting with A, say for example: argument, now you cannot take any more photos with A and must search for other letters and their action.

P for Prayer!
P for Prayer!

Sounds fun yet it will not be that easy. But if you combine it with the 52 week project, and only take these photos every other week, you might just get an idea of where you will find what, if you remember to observe everything closely along the week.

4. Numbers

We all are surrounded by numbers in one way or the other, whether it be a bill, credit cards, elevators, shoes, house numbers, etc, this is something everyone can locate quite easily. So, all you do here, is find a number / numbers and click on them! You might think right now that it seems rather dull but it is in fact the opposite of that.

Numbers are everywhere
Numbers are everywhere

There are no boundaries to capture these numbers you find, creatively, and once you begin this project you will know how many interesting photographs can actually come out of it.

5. Environmental Portraits

Have you ever explored your hometown? The whole of it? Do you really know everybody who lives there and the people who visit? Well, your local area itself can turn out to be a great access for you to work on your photographic skills and portfolio. You wanted to know what is the best way to keep practicing photography with your packed schedule, here is your kind of thing.

Another story left untold - Photo by © Jörg Peter
Another story left untold – Photo by © Jörg Peter

Be it your own work place, people in your hometown, folks you meet at the gymnasium, club etc, you can capture them and their stories in your photographs. Much like what people at Humans of New York do.

6. Doors and Windows

This is something you see every other day and not just once but countless times. So, as you can imagine this project is quite vast in terms of variations. There are so many types of doors and windows, some varying in color, some in style, others might have different shapes and sizes and so on. Possibilities are endless.

Doors and windows can be a beautiful subject to photograph - Photo by © Jörg Peter
Doors and windows can be beautiful subjects to photograph – Photo by © Jörg Peter

The surrounding walls and areas will be different as well. Peeling paint, pots and plants, rugged mats, a tidy entrance… and you can’t even guess how excited I am getting with each word I write. I think, I might just choose this as my next photography project!

7. Ongoing Documentary

Photographing events will polish your skills in documentary photography - Photo by © Heike Georg
Photographing events will polish your skills in documentary photography – Photo by © Heike Georg

An ongoing documentary means photographing any event taking place in your area or wherever you think you can take some time out to go. This will usually be for a short term, which might interest you, and it will only require for you to commit yourself to visit that place for as long as the event goes on for.

8. From The Hip

It is a great technique to try and practice, for it gives you some remarkable photos from an unusual perspective. You hold your camera at waist length and then tilt it slightly upward to shoot. You will not be looking through the view finder of course, and if you find it difficult then you can flip your camera’s LCD display towards you (if it allows. This feature comes in most of the newer Digital SLRs).

This is a very useful trick for those who walk to / from work and those who go for a walk everyday in the morning or evening for fitness or any other purpose. You can bring your camera along and shoot away on the streets daily without having to take out any extra time. Also, this way, people will not be staring at you like the way they do when you look at them through the viewfinder with your camera pointed at them. This will enable more natural, candid photos for you.

Considering all the benefits of this project, I have passed this one as one of the projects I will opt for in the future. You should too. Think of all the new compositions you might discover through it!

9. Through the Season

In the busy lives we are leading, we get so wrapped up in our worldly matters that we often forget to appreciate nature. How everything in the environment changes as time goes by. Sure, we may notice the change when it is already there, but, what about when it is underway? You see nature adopting different faces on National Geographic, why not save it in your own photographs!

Witness the change in me
Witness the change in me

Find a place that you think is nearest to you and has plenty of nature to showcase. Shoot it at different times of the day, trying various angles and keep doing it for each day, all through the year. You will be amazed to find how that one thing can change so dramatically with all the different seasons.

10. Project Night Life

We went through some tips on how to capture the night life in interesting ways in the previous post. How about taking this up as a project? This project will not only help you practice the techniques you learnt, but you are bound to get some really beautiful photographs through it.

At some places, night life means a quiet alley
At some places, night life means a quiet alley

Night offers a ton of options for you to shoot from and if you love photography, it will prove to be very relaxing and satisfying after a hectic day.

11. Project 50 – 50

Project description: Taking a photo for 50 days with your 50mm lens only, leaving you with 50 wonderful photographs at the end.

Being Photogenic - Photo by © Jill Wellington
Being Photogenic – Photo by © Jill Wellington

You will figure out all that a zoom lens allows you to do, when you are restricted to only use the 50mm. This helps you become better at wide angle shots, and discover all the ways you can make a composition look interesting without zooming in on it. And if going closer is much needed, you will have to do the extra exercise and “walk” up close.

12. Self-Portraiture

I have seen many people carrying this out and that too rather creatively. It is similar to the project 365 and 52 and is actually combined with any one of them to fully achieve the purpose. You will have to take a photo of yourself everyday or every week changing the angles, props, compositions and themes etc. You have full liberty to go wild with this one. There will be no one to object on the way you want things to look and everything else.

Self portraiture is much more than this, 365 days will make you discover it - Photo by © Jörg Peter
Self portraiture is much more than this, 365 days will make you discover it – Photo by © Jörg Peter

This is again a test of consistency and dedication plus a tougher test of creativity. Each of your photos must appear different than the other ones. It will most surely ascend your skills to the next level – that is something you can bet on!

13. Your Phone’s Camera

So admittedly, it is not easy for everybody to bring their expensive digital SLR with its expensive lenses and all the other additional expensive gear – Whoa, that is a lot of expensive stuff to roam about with, not all cities and streets allow this, if you know what I mean. So, with our phones having good quality cameras, and the quality improving with time, it is quite an opportunity for everyone to take advantage from.

As you know, our DSLRs have so many options in them to make a photographic scene that is in front of you even more attractive. Ever thought about what would happen if you did not have to worry about the correct exposure and all that for a while? You will begin to focus on your compositional skills more. A good composition is like a back bone to a photograph. If your photo is not composed the right way, even if you have gotten the exposure on point, it would not be categorized as a beauty. Because it would not look stunning.

Hence, shooting with your phone’s camera will direct your entire concentration on getting the look of your image right. Keep this practice up for a while and soon you will learn what your phone and you are truly capable of.

14. Black and White

Black and white has always held a special place in most photographers’ hearts. The quality of it is that it makes you more attentive toward shapes and textures when you are composing a photograph. It teaches you how to create balance with the available tones and contrast.

Making the lines, tones and textures prominent
Making the lines, tones and textures prominent

Colors play a huge role in making an image appear beautiful, but, going black and white allows you to put the colors on the back burner for some time and produce striking photos with the two extremes only, that is black and white.

15. A Day In The Life Of

If you feel like taking a break from the usual, you might want to consider this one. This project only takes a single day and is a good source of entertainment as well. You decide upon a subject – it can be you, any other person or thing – and then you document that subject’s entire day in the form of photographs.

A chance to know your subject closely
A chance to know your subject closely

You can take it upon yourself to accomplish this task once every week. The best part, if you document a day in your own life, will be: no putting in extra time. But, if you want to carry this out on someone / something else, you can still do it on weekends.

16. Your Family

Be it immediate or extended, families have such diversity in them that photographers can truly benefit from. You are with them most days of your life. How about documenting your family? You can try it with someone else’s family too, like a friend’s, maybe. There are laughs, various ages and generations, arguments, interactions, food, gossip sessions, a whole variety of expressions, bonds and what not! You can do the same with taking your friends as your subject.

Spending time together
Spending time together

This really is an extremely fascinating idea to follow upon. Another one added to my bucket of projects!

17. Architecture

Photographing the beauty of architecture is another great way to improve your compositional skills. Architectural designs have a great variety, with designs differing in size, shape, colors and style etc, therefore it offers a diverse collection of options.

Beautiful Architecture, beautiful Light
Beautiful Architecture, beautiful Light

You may also find textures, windows and doors, reflective glass and lines accompanying your building. It mostly relies on your imagination to set everything in the frame in such a way so as to highlight any unique features.

18. One Color at a Time

You can pick any color you want / like, and then set a goal for yourself to shoot 30 images in 30 days for instance. Your main subject for each photo will have to be of the chosen color or from its family. For example, if you choose Purple, all of the 30 photos will have their main subject in purple color. Simple as that.

Discover a range of a single color - Photo by © Jill Wellington
Discover a range of a single color – Photo by © Jill Wellington

Personal photography projects are to keep you motivated and enthusiastic, because photography is something that calls for constant practice to be able to produce pro level photos. You often find me writing about “practicing”, now here was a list of ways you can start practicing no matter how busy you are.

Hope you found a project that suits your liking and interest, good luck with pulling it off. Remember, do not hesitate to start a project because it stretches for as long as a year. Just give it a go, once you begin, motivation will itself find its way to you. Good luck.


Maternity Photography ideas - Photo by © Margus Kulden

18 Adorable Maternity Picture Ideas

Just like any other field of photography that involves family and couples, maternity photography also enables for the sweet folks to cherish those unforgettable moments of their life, have them embedded in their memories for the rest of their lives with the help of a bunch – or more – of vivid photos, as a reminder of a beautiful time. So, we have gathered a few maternity picture ideas for you get inspiration if you’re planning on shooting some pregnancy photos.

According to my research, unlike some of the other genres, maternity pictures have no specific bounds and limitations, actually. You can pretty much do anything with it, you can go for something  totally serene, or opt for a session full of fun and goofiness – depends on what your client feels best about. It is more of a mutual coordination between the client and the photographer.

So, today we will take a look over a few maternity picture ideas and see what they have going for them and what we can learn and pick out. Brace yourself people, some heavily loaded inspiration is coming your way!

1. Baby on the way!

An extremely cute way to announce the new arrival. Getting down low, as you can see in the above photo, adds more depth to the photograph. While the idea below, is a really good one to follow with a family having siblings, shooting the same thing from a much lower angle – like in the image above – would give you an even better outcome.

Maternity picture ideas don't have to include faces.
New arrival – Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan

2. You don’t mess with a mom-to-be

Maternity pictures can be different.
All moms are warriors – Photo by © Matthias Weinberger

One must agree that this is some real creative thinking on their part. It is a universal fact that all women turn into warriors when they become a mom and that is what they portrayed here – literally. If your client is up for it, you should definitely try a similar trick at least once! And shooting this inside an elevator just added to the you-come-near-me-and-I’ll-kill-you feel! Brilliant idea to take note of people. There are some issues with how the photos are framed though, the alignment issue to be specific, and it would have been awesome if the floor and ceiling of the elevator were sparkling as well, but you must make sure to keep these things in mind when you try something inspired out of this.

3. Fashion made easy

Some maternity picture ideas take you out of your comfort zone.
Let’s play dress up – Photo by © Mighty June

Gone are the days when new mums would not want to wear anything other than a maxi dress and won’t want to come out of their draped gowns. “That was so last year” as a typical fashionista would say, or maybe last to last to last year, or at least ever since our designers and brands took it upon themselves to change the trend and help make the moms-to-be feel more vibrant and chic. All moms want to look put together and pretty, and that too at all times. Well, now It is much easier to look fashionable while expecting! So, this settles the issue of “what should I wear?” – a question you are bound to get by your client. There is a variety to choose from now, besides, the only thing that should matter the most is that the mom must feel comfortable. Whatever makes her feel beautiful and confident is the way to go, as you – the photographer – would only want to capture her good moods!

4. Incorporate fun ideas

Incorporating fun ideas in maternity photography
Hand in Hand – Photo by © Chris Richardson

One of the best things about outdoor shoots is the natural light! I absolutely adore natural light. The smooth golden tone it offers, looks wonderful with almost anything you photograph bathed in it. Whether you own an artificial lighting kit or not, using the Golden light and the backlighting technique is a reliable way to capture stunning photos.

If you do not know about the Golden Light, it is the natural light you get an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. And backlighting is basically having the light source behind your subject to create a soft golden halo around them, if you capture it the right way, you even get to see the raises from the Sun, literally bouncing on ground – adds an instant splendor to your shot. Whenever you consider shooting at an outdoor venue, do keep these in mind.

Secondly, what an adorable idea! Look at how cute they seem with holding the teddy bear that way. This photos tells you that maternity photography is not really all about capturing the bump and the couple’s relationship only, but there are also ways for you to portray their anticipation for the new member.

5. Zoom in on the parents

 - Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (
– Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (

Just as any other kind of photography, it is best to look for a variety of poses in maternity photography as well. No one would enjoy going through the same sort of photos while flipping through the album, except maybe the parents themselves, but even they would keep wishing that there were more from this time, varying in angles, spots, expressions, etc.

Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (
Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (

So, one variation that you should be sure to remember is to capture the couple’s face! Excluding the bump, and yes, you heard me right. You do not want to miss a close-up shot of the couple because that completes the whole album, really. It will be like a must have basic portrait together, for them to have from this part of their lives.

6. Some lone time

Some lone time with the mother.
Photo by © Anna Bricova

The view of a mum caught alone with her child who has not even officially entered the world yet, really teaches you what love earnestly means. You honestly get to know the profound meaning of the phrase “The love of a Mother”. Our job as a photographer is to capture these sentiments, this beautiful one-of-a-kind moment.

You are very likely to get such emotions and expressions out when you shoot at your client’s home, because this way she will be more comfortable and relaxed without any self consciousness to fight with.

Although, finding them sitting like this, deep in thought naturally would be best, but these can be achieved by having them pose as well. Get the daddy out of the scene and have her dwell on whatever comes to her mind. This will easily get you the thoughtful expression, while the rest of the photo depends on your composition.

Some lone time - maternity picture ideas
Photo by © AP Photographie

As you can see in the first image, the room is quite cluttered. The reason I have used this image here, is because the photographer has made use of the available light in a very smart manner, the lady looks beautiful, her posture is great and everything else about this photo is perfect, except the room is a bit untidy. So, when you go for indoor shoots, make sure you get the space cleaned up prior to it.

7. Get extra adorable

Incorporate baby accessories in maternity pictures
Incorporate baby accessories – Photo by © Anan Mohamad Amri Adanan

Isn’t this idea totally flattering? All you have to do here is to ask your clients to bring along some of the tiny clothes, shoes and some things from the cute accessories they have bought for the new member, then you can simply arrange them like so and you have an effortless, adorable shot ready!

8. Keep it natural

It is not always that your clients will want to jump up and down – not literally – and pose this way and that way for the shoot, or to put in simple words, they might not feel too ecstatic over the prospect of posing. Thus, you will have to be very patient with them and try your best to make them relax at first, and get them out of the uncomfortable zone, to at least be able to give you some good expressions.

This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to meet up and keep in contact with the client from the initial months, to know when the mum is feeling her best, and up for some cheery stuff. Scheduling the shoot for any other day without considering the health status, won’t do you any good. And will not be one of the best times your clients have had. Which is going to be a total bummer. You don’t want that, so remember keep check on things!

Eliminating the phenomenon of posing in maternity photography
Photo by © Phalinn Ooi

Secondly, keeping things natural mean, having them do whatever and however they want, eliminating the phenomenon of posing for some time. Just like in children photography, where you pass most of the orders, but still give the kiddos a few clicks according to their choice, only to win their trust and hearts, similarly, you do the same with these mommies too. Let her sit or stand whichever way she says she feels comfortable and adjust yourself accordingly instead of pointing things out to her. Compose a flattering frame even without your choice of set up and show her how good of a photographer your are!

9. Introduce the Familia

If the arriving baby has siblings, have them appear in the shoot in your maternity picture ideas
Introducing the Familia – Photo by © Britni Grace

If the arriving baby has siblings, what is better than having them appear in the shoot. Photographing with kids involved in a maternity photo shoot is a field within itself, so to say. Now your responsibilities increase a notch, as it will not be the mommy to holler after the kids and have them behave the way you want them to, it will all be up on your shoulders, although their dad will also be there to help, but you get the point, I am sure. It is going to be something like children photography and maternity photography both combined to make one-of-a-kind photography, but without a doubt, absolutely worth it!

If the arriving baby has siblings, have them appear in the shoot in maternity photography
Introducing the Familia – Photo by © MFer Photography
If the arriving baby has siblings, have them appear in the shoot in maternity photography
Introducing the Familia – Photo by © MFer Photography

You will see for yourself that there are so many things you can do with having these kids around. They enhance the love, care and everything nice in the photograph. And it is not even necessary to have the mommy in the picture altogether! She has had enough of clicks, now you should let her rest for a while before you resume with the activity if it is somewhat left, and bring in the kid party! The above image surely is enough of an example on what you can do with the kids without mommy being around, while still adhering to maternity photography. Adorable! – I know I say that a lot, but it is just too adorable!

10. Get creative

Photo by © Antony Pratap
Photo by © Antony Pratap

Props can be a lot of fun! And I mean A LOT of fun. You should really try incorporating them into the shoots, they can come in handy in such weird ways, giving the whole shoot an entirely different mood. Imagine yourself skimming through a photo album full of maternity clicks and everything is going although pretty, but monotonous, then you suddenly come across a few photographs that are the likes of the above images and you go, “Awwww”. Yes, please! That is what we want.

Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (
Photo by © Cary and Kacey Jordan (

Including props does not in any way has to be the same old shoe or a bib close-up, there is a whole world you can explore! You only need to send your mind on a thinking mission with a wide range of props in mind. See for example these photos here, are they not something that can bring the “Aww” out of most people? They definitely can – at least in the case of women, and this whole maternity photography circles around a woman, so we have our target, targeted! – And it is a bull’s eye, let me tell you. So, what we learnt from these photos is that props are Good and you should not be afraid to let your mind dwell on it!

Photo by © Amie Fedora
Photo by © Amie Fedora

11. How about a ride?

We just talked about including props and unleashing your mind to wander in the valleys of creativity and imagination. But what about the ordinary stuff that we tend to over look? Things that do not even require for any of us to roam in foreign valleys or whatever creative people chant about. Things that are sitting or laying idle in yours as well as your client’s garage, probably weeping silently for you to bring them in use again. These will also fall under the category of props, but these are things more on the basic side, needing no extra thinking, almost an effortless way to attain ultra cute shots, just like that!

Have some fun with your maternity picture ideas
Photo by © Britni Grace

So, see whether your client is up for a fun-tastic shoot, and then go have a look into your own garage or have the clients look into theirs, to haul some inspiring props out of there! And on this note, It just occurred to me that even a flat old tire can be of a good use, somewhere in the shoot. Hmmm…..

12. Play with the shadows

Break the monotony by including shadows in maternity picture ideas
Photo by © Krista Guenin

I cannot even express in words the kind of love I have for shadows. They just have an amazing ability to add profundity to the photo. They are an amazing tool to bring excitement to your photos and break that monotony we discussed about. These are only two examples, but you can do so much with them, really. Again, this will require for your mind to go strolling in those valleys, but trust me, if you do reach a good idea or two, while you are it, more and more ideas will follow on their own!

Photo by © Krista Guenin
Photo by © Krista Guenin

You can even have only your clients’ shadows in the frame, excluding their real selves entirely and have them pose a certain way, to capture the shadows doing whatever the real figures do – on a more clean and shiny surface would be great. You have to try shadows, you will fall in love with them.

13. Confidence comes with style

Photo by © Kelly D Photography
Photo by © Kelly D Photography

If your client is feeling a bit low, or anything like that, here is a quick tip: Styling gives a person an instant dose of new confidence. Ask her to bring along some extra accessories if you are shooting outdoors, and have her change her style every time you feel she is getting tired or bored. It will give you another 30 minutes (approx) to photograph a confident mama. But remember to have her stay consistent with the color scheme and over all apparel, though. You only want a new style and not a totally new look. For instance, from a pony tail to letting her hair down, with glasses – without glasses, front hair parting – side hair parting, with ear rings – without ear rings, a hat – a jacket, etc.

14. Mother nature at its best

Photo by © Krista Guenin
Photo by © Krista Guenin

When nature meets with nature, it is a breathtaking moment to realize the beauty and tranquility that nature has bestowed on us. It is a time to thank the creator, the lord, for everything that he has blessed us with.

Show the beautiful environment in your maternity picture ideas
Mother Nature at its Best

Getting your client outdoors, to a private peaceful area having plenty of greenery preferably and then allowing for some of the beautiful environment to show in your frame along with her, both relishing in each other’s glory, is a sure fire way to get great shots.

15. Inside a dream

Photo by © XYZ Photography
Photo by © XYZ Photography

While an all natural atmosphere has its own beauty, this photo shoot tells you that merging nature with a bit of artificial lighting can get you a really cool surreal effect!

16. Try abstract

Photo by © Rockin Shutters
Photo by © Rockin Shutters

Trying abstract means trying out experimental angles. Like I said in the very beginning of the post that maternity photography has no specific boundaries. You have a whole lot of options to try from. Even experimental shots are allowed here, that may even break the rules sometimes. But if something works, it is a keeper! Textured, patterned backgrounds, geometrical compositions, peeking across a trunk or through greenery, etc can be incorporated here as well.

17. Having fun with dad

Bringing daddy in the photo
Bringing daddy in the photo

Portraying the relationship of the couple is an essential here. It is a great time to capture the emotions and excitement of the daddy-to-be! All through the maternity shoot, the focus mainly remains towards mommy, but daddy deserves some spot light too. As for the posing it is almost like any other couple photography, same rules apply, same techniques work.

Photo by © Amie Fedora
Photo by © Amie Fedora

18. In focus

And finally the most basic, the most essential photograph every maternity photo album would like to possess. A focused image of the bump. You can apply great variations to just this one shot, whether it be with lighting, colors, atmosphere or any other element that goes best with your overall theme. Here are two examples, differing in lighting and background, to give you an idea of how you can bring those variations.

Photo by © Volker Pietzonka
Photo by © Volker Pietzonka

Finally before ending the post, I would like you to know that you can pretty much use any lens for maternity photography. There is no restriction to it, it mostly involves some basic photography skills and a creative mind. The better your skills, the better the outcomes.

Have fun photographing a new life! Good luck and cheers!


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Skyscraper Island – Frankfurt Noir Dorian Diefenbach
Landhausschiff - Robert Schöller
Landhausschiff – Robert Schöller
Domain - Holden Tuffield
Domain – Holden Tuffield
Construction - Dirk Voigt
Construction – Dirk Voigt
Cluster - KCN
Cluster – KCN
All for One - Tobias Gawrisch
All for One – Tobias Gawrisch

Travel Photographer Asia | The Photo Contest 2015

Travel Photographer Asia| The Photo Contest 2015 is the ultimate travel photography contest for professional and amateur travel photographers who have traveled in Asia. This photo contest aims to highlight the vibrancy of the people, places, food and festivals in Asia.

Exhibition of the contest entries
Exhibition of the contest entries

This was the inaugural year for Travel Photographer Asia. The contest started on 20th January 2015. The photo contest was open for entries from all over the world. 2700 stunning images of photographers from over 86 different nationalities were received. Portraits, landscapes, seascapes, architecture depicting the Asian life, faces, culture, traditions and festivals were judged anonymously by a panel of 4 globally renowned photographers. On the judging panel were Tewfic El-Sawy, the original Travel Photographer; Rahman Roslan who has worked with Getty Images and other great brands like NYT, Washington Post etc; Eric Beecroft, renowned photographer and founder of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshops and Khaula Jamil, curator of #HumansofKarachi, one of the most acclaimed Humans Of… after Humans of New York.

There were total 6 catgories for prizes. The winner  was Mr. Sugarito for his beautifully captured Bull Race in Indonesia. Third Runner Up was a photograph of Fishermen taken by Mr. Magnus from Sweden. A stunning photograph by Mr. Deba Prasad Roy was chosen as 2nd Runner Up. 1st Runner up was a beautiful portrait by Zet Zaeni from Indonesia. Social Media Champ  was Ms. Zanariah Salam from Malaysia. The Samsung Pro Category which was won by Mr. Keong Chee Lim from Malaysia.

Mr. Ahsan Qureshi - Founder of Travel Photographer Asia
Mr. Ahsan Qureshi – Founder of Travel Photographer Asia

Altogether shortlsited 50 photographs were printed and displayed in a grand exhibition at Map KL (BLACKBOX) @Publika. The opening was on the 29th May   Mr. Bazuki Mohammad was the guest of honour. All the winners were flown in to Malaysia to attend the ceremony where they were awarded their prizes.  The prizes included Samsung Cameras, Phillips gift hampers, stays in Mandarin Oriental and fully paid tution, airfare and accomodation for Foundry Photojournalism Workshop and Obscura festival, Penang. Guests included winners, jury members, contestants and sponsors. The founder of TPA, Ahsan Qureshi, said  that Travel Photographer Asia was a huge success and he hopes to attract more entries and participants in 2016. The exhibition was open to public till 3rd June 2015. TPA has also organized photo talks  on 31st May by Pakistani Photographer Khaula Jamil & Malaysian Photographer Shuhada Hasim  and on 1st June Photography workshops by Pakistani Photographer Khaula Jamil & Malaysian Photographer Shuhada Hasim  for teenagers.

To view all the entries please visit  or follow Travel Photographer Asia on and on Instagram.


Photographer Joey L. photographs the Guerilla Fighters of Kurdistan

This March, photographer Joey L. based in NYC, visited the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to photograph yet another one of his amazing personal projects. This time he directed his camera at Kurdish guerrilla groups who’ve been fighting in the Syrian civil war for independence.

“During my initial research, I couldn’t help but notice that there were many theories as to whom these Kurdish guerrilla groups were. The foreign press often romanticized the females in their ranks as fearless warrior women, while some of my Turkish friends suggested that they were terrorists, operating more as opportunists in a bloody war. I set out to uncover the truth, or at least to better understand the nuances behind the headlines,” he writes on his website. “Portrait photography has a strange way of humanizing even the most distant of situations, and that was my goal with this project.”

While shooting this comprehensive personal project, Joey captured behind-the-scenes video footage using his GoPro kit. Here’s a fantastic 30-minute video Joey released alongside his stills:

Here are some of the photographs Joey took on his journey:









Tel Hamis Syria Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan
Joey has written an account of the whole experience on his blog.
Photo credits: Photographs by Joey L. and used with permission

12 Photography Books Every Photographer Must Have

There is general trend in the photographers to go an extra mile and keep improving in the vast world of photography. In this common craving to excel and make a mark in the field, it is pretty usual that you would find a photographer or two laying down with a tree and reading a book about photography. This helps them to get surrounded by the aura that defines them and which makes them feel comfortable. Definitely, this aura is the soothing feeling of photography that surrounds them.

Without a doubt, numerous books have been produced which compete amongst the top ranked publishes of all time. However, everyone has a different opinion about the books. Here, we have tried to compile a list of 12 books which are considered to be one of the best books of photography.


  1. Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos (A Lark Photography Book)

This is one of the marvels of Jim Zuckerman. In this book, he reveals multiple techniques related to photography. The notion of stating these techniques is to allow the reader to excel in the domain of photography and incorporate better feel in the photographs.

The photography techniques mentioned in his books have a wide range of topics including abstract, technical, complementary colors, picture postcards etc. Moreover, it targets both experienced and new photographers.


  1. Fundamentals of Photo Composition

This fact cannot be negated that composition forms a crucial portion of photography. This photography book envisages multiple facets of tradition composition. In a nutshell, it covers everything that is related to composition. For example, you would know about framing the image to color, balance, depth, lines of force, and symmetry.

This is meant for beginner and intermediate level photographers. 


  1. Digital Photographer’s Complete Guide to HD Video

This is a significant contribution of Rob Sheppard and Michael Guncheon to the domain of videography. These digital experts have compiled their experience in one authentic and reliable book related to photography and specializing in videography.

The book covers recording audio, gears, formats and standards of HD video, shooting techniques, editing video and audio files, and outputting the final video files.


  1. Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light (Voices That Matter)

Light can make all the difference in the quality of the photograph. Thus, it is important to be very professional in taking account of this factor. Wherever you are, the picture quality ultimately boils down to the factor of light.

In this book, the photographer, writer and educator Ibarionex Perello guides the reader to use the natural light in order to product a really powerful photograph that will capture everyone’s eye.

In this regard, he brings his experience, passion and learning to guide the reader.


  1. Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Exposure can be a really topic for photographers. This book is meant especially for the notion of eradicating confusions related to this topic. With the aid of images, this is a really good book if you want to truly master the topic of exposure.

In this book, the author Bryan Peterson explains the existent correlation between the shutter speed and aperture. Moreover, it also teaches to clinch good exposures in the situations that look to be really difficult.


  1. Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Boxed Set, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

This is a quick book about the techniques used in photography to take amazing photos. The notion of this book is to teach the reader with the tips and techniques of photography without long explanations and theory about the topic. So, if you want to take good photos without getting into the mess of how things work then you should probably get this one.


  1. The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Composition and design are really important for effective photography. This book aims at teaching the reader just that. The organization of the graphic element and then devising a strong and powerful image out of it can be a tough job. However, this book aims at eradicating that issue.


  1. Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field (Lark Photography Book)

This is a great photography book if you are interested in wildlife photography. As one of the top nature’s photographers, George Lepp aims at creating a powerful and productive merger of technical know-how with intriguing storytelling.

The book is really good if you want to get engaged in the photography based storytelling. The author does his job in that regard.


  1. Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images

If you are looking for a collection of images taken by multiple photographers then this is the right choice for you. It compiles various images by multiple photographers. The mix of emotions that these images represent is quite remarkable and there can hardly be a comparison with another collection of images.

It is truly a mixture of discovery, joy and magic.


  1. Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

This book is ideally meant for someone who wants to capture great images for wedding and make an outstanding portfolio out of those images. Moreover, the experienced author Glen Johnson also aims at teaching the reader the actual art of starting a photography business.

Being saturated with useful advice, this is a great way to get benefit from such advice. On top of all, it should be noted that all the instructions are supported by images.


  1. VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

This book is especially meant for people who want to something in the domain of vocational photography provided that they do not affect anything related to their vision or creativity. The writer David duChemin adopts a really motivating and encouraging tone to talk to the readers. He discusses his own story and how he became a working photographer.


  1. Digital Masters: Nature Photography: Documenting the Wild World (A Lark Photography Book)

There is certain point in a photographer’s life where he wants to get a broad view about the wildlife and possibly create its link with the photography. This is a great master piece that most photographers refer to while mastering all the associated techniques in this niche.

The wildlife photography has been portrayed as an art and a skill.